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5 Solar Panel Myths, Debunked

Making the decision to install solar panels for your business can drastically cut or even eliminate electricity bills, reduce a business’ carbon footprint among other things.

The cost of solar panel installation has fallen dramatically in recent years. Not to mention, with the option of having a third-party install the system, there is little to no effort needed from you so you can focus on your business.

All of this explains why the number of business, farms and corporations installing solar has skyrocketed across America. So, why are many business owners still skeptical about taking control of their energy use and installing solar? The various myths that persist around solar power could be to blame.

If you’re considering installing a solar panel system on your business, here are five common myths – and why you shouldn’t believe them:

Myth #1:  Solar panels only work in warm, sunny climates.

As you might imagine, solar panels do work best when they are in contact with a lot of sunlight, however, a lack of bright sun doesn’t mean they’re not working. Panels are created in a way that allows them to absorb ample sunlight, even on cloudy days or in regions that get less bright sun. Better yet, the solar panels of today are more energy efficient than ever. Newer systems maximize sunlight absorption and generate the maximum possible output. This higher efficiency means that solar panels can work in virtually any climate and every season.

Myth #2: You need a lot of space for solar panels.

In fact, solar panels are getting smaller, more powerful, and more efficient day by day. High-efficiency panels take up less space because fewer panels are needed to produce the electricity to power your establishment or agricultural needs. Even if you have a smaller establishment, it could have enough roof space, or space in general to fit the number of panels needed to generate power, and save money.

Myth #3: Installation is a long, drawn-out process.

Although installing solar panels should be done by professionals, installation usually takes only a day or two. New models streamline the process further, eliminating the need to install a separate inverter. Most solar panels require a separate inverter to bring electricity into your establishment. Panels with newer technology actually incorporate the inverter, which simplifies and accelerates the installation process.

Myth#4:  If something goes wrong, you’re on your own.

As with any investment or installation, you should understand the manufacturer and installer warranties for your solar panels, including how long the coverage lasts, and what types of problems are covered. And unlike a furnace or an air conditioning system, a solar installation has no moving parts to wear out, so it typically requires little maintenance and repair. Also, if you experience any difficulties or malfunctions with your panels, Spectrum Energy Development is here to help. We will come in a fix your problem.

Myth #5: Solar panels will look big, bulky, and ugly, making a business appealing.

As mentioned above, solar panels are becoming smaller, sleeker, and more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of having to cover an entire roof with panels in a specific arrangement to generate power, modern options allow you to arrange panels to meet your own sense of aesthetics. Even for bigger establishments, it is possible to create a sleek and aesthetically pleasing set up for your panels.

Adding solar power to a home offers business owners many benefits, from reducing energy costs to increasing the value of your business, to helping the environment. All in all, solar is a great option for your business and the earth. Do your part to help while saving some money. Give us a call and we will help you get started today!

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